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Publications & Presentations


Mark, S. (2021). Creating an Evaluation Factor for Group Work Assessment. Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation, 26(10). Available online: 



The idea of group work assessment is often seen as complicated, but necessary given the value of group work to learning. However, the traditional method involving a collective grade has been shown to be a less effective option and raises questions about fairness for the students. Utilizing an evaluation factor provides a more inclusive assessment strategy, factoring in peer and self-assessment to enhance the reliability of the assessment. Through the evaluation factor, an instructor can maintain the product of the group work as the foundation of assessment, while allowing the process of the group work to be reflected in the evaluation factor. In this way, the evaluation factor provides a lens through which each individual in the group is more comprehensively assessed, and concerns for fairness are addressed




Alberta Science Network – Evidence & Investigation Teacher Symposium

Dates: Oct 9, 2013; Oct 14, 2015; Oct 26, 2016; Nov 28, 2018.

Summary: Collaborated with a Grade 6 Teacher, Heather Lai from Westmount Charter School, and provided a 90 minute symposium with ideas, guidance, and resources for Grade 6 teachers to utilize when instructing the Grade 6 Evidence & Investigation Science Lesson. 


Guest Lectures - Variety of Schools in Alberta

Beginning in 2011, and continuing now, I have provided over 250 guest lectures to classes at the elementary, junior high, high school, and university levels on a variety of forensic topics.  Each lecture was developed and provided based upon the specific learning objectives for the class, and over 7,500 students have taken part in these lectures. 

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