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Professional Development

As I continue learning and developing my skills as an instructor, the following are training opportunities I have taken part into further my own development.   
Bow Valley College - Faculty Development Courses
Courses Completed between Apr 2019 and June 2021
  • TLE 201: Creating a Positive Learning Environment
  • TLE 203: Competency Based Education
  • TLE 204: Lesson Planning & Active Learning
  • TLE 205: Ways of Knowing, Being, and Learning
  • TLE 207: Authentic Learning & Applied Research
  • TLE 208: The Teaching Professional
  • Instructional Skills Workshop
  • Developing Effective Assessments Workshop
  • Respect in the Workplace Certificate
In addition to developing my skills in the classroom, I'm also always working to enhance the way I engage learners outside the classroom.  In 2020, we were presented with a unique challenge in this regard, and I chose to attempt a unique way to engage the learners, in a Kindness Challenge. 
To learn more, click the link, and take part in the challenge yourself! 
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