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A while ago I had an idea that I though could be fun for my students, perhaps increase their engagement, and maybe for the community as a whole.  An idea to begin 2021 in a fun way, after a not-so-fun 2020.


The idea was to challenge people to show random acts of kindness, and in return I would jump into a snowbank, in my swim trunks. The idea was motivated by a joke made when I shared a video of me falling into the snowbank as I played with my kids. 

But when the challenge was supposed to begin, Jan 1, 2021, I woke to the news of a senseless act that had taken Andrew from us.  At that moment, my heart sank, and the challenge idea seemed a lot less fun, but everything else did too. 

After taking time to think if I should scrap the idea altogether, I realized, a lot of what the world lost was kindness.  I had met Andrew a few times, and worked on investigations with him in the past.  In that time, it was obvious he was a good, and kind person.  

As such, going forward, I have adjusted the challenge I wish to make to the world.  I hope to challenge everyone to demonstrate acts of kindness, to fill the void left by those who are no longer here, to share their kindness with the world! 

So what does a Random Act of Kindness look like?

It can be a variety of things, but here are some ideas to consider:

  • Shovel another persons sidewalk

  • Go get groceries or other care items for someone who is stuck at home

  • Check-in with someone to see how they're doing

  • Take a moment to let someone know that your support is there for them. 

  • Go out of your way to shop locally to support restaurants or other small businesses in your community

  • Give to a charity, who support people in need (e.g. Wings of Providence, Alberta Children's Hospital, KidSport Canada, etc...)

  • Etc...

Please feel free to share your act of kindness, and help us all see what else it can be.  


How to Share Your Acts?

Post on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc... and use the hashtag #KindnessChallenge


I know some feel timid to share the kind acts they do, as they feel it diminishes the kindness, and makes it an act of self-promotion.   Although I appreciate that perspective, I challenge it to say that 2020 was a year like no other, and sharing acts of kindness is merely an act to show others it's still out there! 


Right now, it may be hard for others to see the kindness in the world.  So, I think we all can make it more prevalent, in memory of those who are not here to share their kindness anymore.   


If you would like to let me know your engaged with this idea, please feel free to tag or share it with me.  If not, that's ok too!  

Instagram: CalgaryForensic


Facebook: CalgaryForensic

Note: I will NOT be creating any donate pages for this, as I am not collecting money in any way.  

For my students, who were the focus when the challenge idea began. You may have seen my previous promise, and if enough of you engage with this, and let me know by Feb 28, 2021. I will fall into the snowbank, in only my swim trunks as promised, and you can all laugh as my daughters did the first time!

On Feb 28, 2021 - The Promise Was Kept!

But the Challenge Continues...

Do you accept the challenge?

Can you share this with others, Please!


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